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What is the process of snagging?

Snagging involves identifying and documenting defects or issues within a property. At Cumbria Snagging, we conduct thorough inspections to create a consolidated list of defects that you can provide to your developer.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional snagging company?

By choosing Cumbria Snagging, you benefit from our trained professionals who possess the expertise and equipment to identify defects that may otherwise go unnoticed. Undetected defects can lead to long-term expenses. Similar to taking your car to a professional mechanic for inspection, a professional new build snagger has the knowledge to inspect your home, ensuring it meets the required standards and expectations.

When is the ideal time to schedule a snagging inspection for my home?

It is recommended to book your snagging inspection within 7 days after your completion date, preferably before any furniture delivery. It's best to avoid scheduling an inspection on the same day as other contractors, as it may hinder full access to your new build, depending on the ongoing work. Although you have up to 2 years to report defects to your developer, providing a list of defects sooner increases the likelihood of prompt repairs or resolutions.

How long does a snagging inspection typically take?

The duration of a snagging inspection survey varies based on the size and quality of the property. On average, inspecting a 4-bedroom house takes approximately 4-5 hours, while a 2-bedroom apartment typically requires 2-3 hours. Our pricing is based on fixed fees for each house size, ensuring that the cost remains the same regardless of the inspection duration.

What does the snagging inspection survey cover?

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of visually assessable areas within the property. This includes identifying cosmetic issues, plumbing leaks, electrical faults and compliance, and external finishing. Additionally, we ensure that your property meets technical standards and building regulations. By utilizing thermal imaging cameras, we also check for potential cold spots that may impact energy efficiency. Common defects we often encounter involve insulation, ventilation, and poorly sealed windows, all of which can lead to increased household bills if not addressed. Our goal is to ensure your property meets the promised and expected quality.

Do you offer discounts for booking multiple properties?

Absolutely! If you would like to book multiple properties, whether you are a developer, landlord, or interested in joining with a neighbour, please contact us with the number of properties you wish to book.


Do you offer snagging services for developers?

Yes, we proudly work with developers who want to ensure they are producing high quality properties.

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